Moxin Xu

New York-based graphic designer specializing in comprehensive design solutions across editorial,
branding, and beyond.
Selected Work

01. After Belongings, 2023
        Editorial & Information Design

02. Middle of the night, 2022
        Editorial Design

03. Echo, 2021
        Branding & Packaging Design

04. Jya, 2021
         Web Design, Photo Shoot

Parsons School of Design
 ︎︎︎ BFA Communication Design

Freelance & Design Asistant, 2023
 ︎︎︎ Brand Design

@ SmartMi, 2022
︎︎︎ Logo Design, Brand Identity

@ Jya, 2021
︎︎︎ Web Design, Photo Shoot
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01. After Belongings, 2023
      Editorial & Information Design

After Belongings delves into how individuals achieve inner peace by creating and discovering space, whether physically or mentally, through the use of their personal belongings. The book features subtle and sophisticated typography, complemented by a thoughtfully designed grid system, white spaces, and delicate thin lines.

02. Middle of the Night, 2022
       Editorial Design

Middle of the Night is a book created to make an immersive experience of visiting a museum for the readers. It holds an art exhibition and collects artworks on the theme "dream" by four artists. Each artist has their own sections (exhibition rooms) that are intended to be arranged differently from the others to display their unique works.

Saddle Stitch.

03. Echo, 2022
        Branding & Packaging Design
Through our EchoOrbit membership, we cultivate an exclusive, yet welcoming community. Here, every note, every product, every experience is a reflection of you, finely tuned to elevate your life.

About the brand

Echo aspires to be the resonating force in the well-composed symphony of your life, curating a distinct lifestyle experience tailored for the young and discerning.

With an eye for detail and a pulse on what's audaciously designed and trend-setting, we offer a unique range of high-quality skincare, makeup, apparel, and home decor.

EchoOrbit: The Exclusive Community

04. @Jya
        Web Design, Photo Shoot

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